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Hello I’m Roxanne!  I offer 1:1 sessions as a contemplation partner for people that are looking for some space and additional perspectives in their minds.  Our minds are timeless and simultaneously existing in this time.  A lot of historical mental discomfort is being perceived in this current epoch, and is in danger of being being trnsformed! 
ok! so what can we do?
if you have some sort of block,
are in a rut and finding yourself
on an unsatisfactory loop, or are simply itching for a specific to you conversation to expand your awareness, i provide space to hear you and ask you questions, pose other angles- create a contemplative space; muse what comes to mind together to create a weird 3rd thing to challenge the minds tendency to binary, “this or that” and black and white a scenario ⚚
a lot of the content that may come from my mind is heavily influenced through various esoteric & occult studies, the gene keys and 11+ years spent in close relationship with my own contemplation and meditation mentor.if curious, please schedule a consult :) .