Chaos . Innovation . Innocence

If there is any, where is your discomfort in chaos? 

Stay with it.

Where does it tell you to go?

When different weather happens, how do you innovate?

How does nature innovate with our creations?

The word adapt but not compromise.

If we are not separate from nature, neither is your chaos. 

You choose howto view your problem

child by becoming a wise old adult baby- fresh but

experienced eyes.

Nature is expressing itself through you with a funny feeling.

Where can you find cosmic laughter?

You know when you laugh so hard you cry... and when you

cry so hard you laugh?

What is that weird third thing in the

middle of both those states.

The acknowledgement of chaos is in fact friction.

Why are you resisting to laugh in a church? 

You think its too soon for the flower to drop it’s petals?? 

Are you arrogant enough to truly think that you can

control anything & that you are separate from nature?

Are we craughing yet??

It is both a privilege and a gift that we have space

and access to laugh... marinate in that. 

Your laughter is a bridge to our better world.

If we live long enough, our life is bookended with us in a


⚭what a gift⚭