Division . Guidance .Virtue

The nature of hierarchy is indeed unnatural.
From time to time we humans put ourselves above nature, forgetting that we are a part of nature… And that is indeed unnatural.
But is it?  It’s in our nature, as beings with consciousness, to divide ourselves from everything... which might enact any number of human feelings or states like shame, blame, guilt, victimization etc.
But what if we divided with intention to learn the depth of these feelings and how they moved us away from connection with our natural reality?

Find a tree and put your hands on it- close your eyes and commune with it.

Recognize its relation to its family in the rainforest that gives us some of our oxygen to breathe.

Glean the wisdom and make a metaphorical tincture for yourself to consume every moring.

With that wisdom you’ve successfully coded into your body, your presence becomes one of trustworthy guidance.  Simply your presence.  You needn’t do anything other live in your truth.  

Your longing to be seen, has been transformed by embodying the ability to see.
And provide space for others to feel seen.

It also feels like the ocean wants your hands.

To hold you as its child once again- remembering that we all come from one place.

What wisdom do you receive there?

Go on a spiraling google journey about LUCA and ponder the orb of our existence and how WILD it is that we are here because of oxygen.

Watch how concepts of money, fame, job promotions, competition, rushing to finish something, external validation etc evaporate to form a cloud and rain a purified intention of those things.

Take that new found oxygen appreciation and vibrate it with an internal trumpet of knowing to everyone in your field~ while saying nothing at all.  Your being will emanate important Guidance for all who enter your field.