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︎Please note that all sessions are conducted with an emphasis on curiosity and contemplation. Before we begin, we'll establish a written agreement of consent, ensuring that while I may offer suggestions, you are ultimately in charge of your own decisions and choices..

Otherwise, let me introduce myself:

Greetings, I’m Roxanne!

To put it simply, it is good to come here if you’re seeking advice.
A single session with me is akin to a new kind of tarot reading.  This is 100% collaboration and this reading will 100% not give you predictions.  If you want some one to tell you what is going to happen, this is not the session for you. 
A passion of mine is to keep digging into and under whatever you bring to the table to provide illumination & possibilities~ and often this is shining a light on shadows.
I weave together the wisdom of Gene Keys, the mystical nudgings of tarot, and my own esoteric insights, creating a harmony uniquely attuned to your essence by way of the weird 3rd energy that's generated when we collaborate ⚭

For all sessions, consider me your contemplation partner – a guide who holds sacred space and illuminates new perspectives within the tapestry of your life.  

It is rather helpful and inspiring to watch this before scheduling an appointment with me :) 
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me!  I give this 1hr session as a baseline- but we can be real creative and do anything~ the idea of group sessions is exciting to me :)

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I believe that many of the challenges we face in our human experience—such as sadness, feelings of separation, and being trapped—are often the result of our brain's innate tendency to categorize and judge. These reactions, though once beneficial in our personal histories, can now contribute to an experience of constriction and impossibility. Our brains excel at comparing, contrasting, and recognizing patterns, which can sometimes lead to a sense of isolation and resistance to change or innovation. What once provided instant relief and temporary solutions to perceived problems may now hinder our ability to envision new possibilities.  I firmly believe that through conscious agreement and intention-setting, we can usher in a transformative moment, unveiling the profound genius that resides within you, waiting to be recognized and embraced. It's a discovery of your authentic self, who has been present within you all along. 
🤡The call is coming from inside hehehe🤡

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