Entropy, Freshness, Beauty.

In the mundane, you will find why you are where you are.  In your pain you will find everywhere you’re growing.  In your joy you’ll be reminded of everything you’ve mastered.  In your awareness of self, you’ll find what gifts you bear.  In stillness you:

1. will find beauty in everything
2. will discover you’ve never been lost
3. will collapse unto yourself and will experience all, at once- as 1

We are not separate from nature.

When that ︎sentiment is digested, how does it feel to view the days when you are feeling low or like what the heck 😵‍💫 or entropy
Low is a concept that defines a perception of our emotions.  When we don’t see the sun, that means it has set.  Sunset means, descent of the sun below the horizon.  Below is our way of describing that something is beneath.  What is the truth of below, beneath and low? 
The sun does not itself feel low.  It is just following its path that is dictated by nature.  A sunset here is a sunrise over there.  When you feel an emotional sunset:

What tools do you have to experience the sunrise within?  

The sunrise within invites you to hold your beliefs in your hands and then rub them together to make fire & alchemize a weird third thing that challenges your beliefs- your weird third thing is your unique gift.  Align your reality to the belief(s) that feel like beauty to you.