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Often times, I find fulfillment when talking to others about the things that make us tick or the things that give us a pang

Whether its + or - I feel it’s all valuable information.  Our person, our body- is the mechanism that is designed to perceive the 2 tings.. the positive and negative.

I feel like our bodies, and the mind that appears to reside within it, are experiencing an evolution in consciousness. 
And I love it.
An expansion occurs when we take our experience and share it with some one else- it is like a weird third thing is created from the looping dance of two things.  

I love to spend time with other people in intimate conversation about how to make some moves in this vibe I’m communicating here.  

I have great joy in holding space to find mystery in the mundane,  peace in the painful, validation in the suffering, support in the exciting,  growth in relating etc. etc.

I have found that the synthesis known as Gene Keys is a fantastic tool for the purpose of movement.  

In short, the Gene Keys provides a frame-work that our minds can comfortably ride with~ as if partaking on a float upon a lazy river.  A gentle journey that allows transformation and evolution to occur not by brute force but by guided observation.  The Gene Keys open you up to employ the art of Contemplation.  I’ve found this tried and true method to be one of the most empowering tehniques in the pursuit of knowing yourself and how to be your truest self.  This work can often times lead to tremendouns breakthoroughs in limiting beliefs we have of ourselves and our environment.  I would be honored to guide you.

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